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DDS Administrative DUI License Suspensions

  • Administrative DUI License Suspensions
  • Ten Day Rule

DDS Administrative Suspension

Did you receive an “Official Notice of Intent to Suspend” (DDS 1205) form at the time of your arrest or release? If so, you must act NOW to fight an one year administrative suspension of your driving privileges. You have only ten (10) days after your arrest to request an administrative hearing to save your license!

The DDS Administrative Hearing is separate and apart from the criminal case. A police officer may seek to have an administrative suspension of your license if

  • you refuse to take state administered chemical breath or blood test
  • have a BAC of 0.08 grams or greater for persons 21 and over
  • have a 0.04 grams or greater for persons operating a commercial vehicle, or
  • have a 0.02 grams or greater for persons under the age of 21.

This administrative hearing usually occurs before your criminal case is disposed of in Court.

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