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Blog Posts in 2013

Divorce - Divorcing Parents Seminar

Gwinnett Superior Court Douglas Superior Court DeKalb Superior Court
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DUI Punishment

First Conviction Within Ten Year Period: Crime Level - Misdemeanor offense Fine - Not less than $300.00 and not more than $1,000.00 Jail Time - A period of imprisonment of not fewer than ten days nor ...
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DUI - Cobb State Court

Cobb State Court – Client was stopped for speeding on I-75 northbound in Cobb County. Also, the Officer claimed that Clien failed to maintain lane when he tried to pull her over. During the ...
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DUI - Gwinnett State Court

Gwinnett State Court – Client was stopped for an expired tag. The officer alleged that he smell a strong order of alcohol on Client's breath and asked him to step out of the vehicle and ...
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DUI - Henry County State Court

Henry State Court – Client was involved in a one car accident in Henry County. While investigating the accident, the Officer allegedly detected a strong odor of alcohol. The Officer conducted ...
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DUI - Douglasville Municipal Court

Douglasville Municipal Court – DS was stopped for failing to use his turn signal while changing lanes. During the traffic stop, the Officer allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol. DS was ...
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DDS Administrative DUI License Suspensions

Administrative DUI License Suspensions Ten Day Rule DDS Administrative Suspension Did you receive an “Official Notice of Intent to Suspend” (DDS 1205) form at the time of your arrest or ...
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Post Conviction DUI License Suspension

Mandatory License Suspension If your case results in a DUI conviction, the following suspensions may occur: First DUI Conviction within 5 year period: If you are convicted of your first DUI within a 5 ...
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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog!

We are pleased tp announce the launch of our new website and blog!
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